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8 tips on how to sell your things on Vinted

Updated: Nov 22

I've got a little confession to make: I also sell stuff on Vinted from time to time!

BUT, my stance on this is that when you're decluttering, the goal should always be to remove the things you have decided to let go as quickly as possible. Usually, the quickest way to do that is by donating them. However, I can totally understand that you want to sell some of those items for some extra cash.

I definitely recommend using Vinted.

And if you want to sell items on Vinted, you'll need these tips to make the process easier.

1. Write the description on your desktop

You can access Vinted on your laptop too, which makes it easier to write the descriptions instead of doing it on your phone. So, take pictures with your phone, create a simple listing in the app with a short title, a brief description, and fill in all the required fields, then save it. Then, you can comfortably edit the listing on your laptop.

2. Use a detailed title

Instead of a simple "Leather Ankle Boots," try something like "Stylish Leather Ankle Boots with Studs by (Insert Brand) | Brand New with Tags." It's a bit of marketing; it's just more appealing!

3. Create a template for the description

Create a template for Vinted in your notes app, so you don't have to reinvent the wheel every time. I have two templates, one for clothing and one for everything else.

4. Take a picture of the size label

For some clothing items, it can be a struggle if the size isn't visible on the product (e.g. sneakers like Stan Smith). So, it's incredibly helpful if potential buyers can see the label.

Also, include information on what size you typically wear and how the product fits.

5. Take a picture of the material label

Some people (like me) have a sensitive skin and can't wear certain materials (unfortunately, I can't stand wool). So, it's very helpful for them to have access to the material label.

6. Mention the original price

Bargain hunters love this, especially when the price difference from the original price is significant. If the product is still available online, include a link. It shows the original price, and you benefit from official photos, etc.

7. Good photos

This may sound obvious, but it's not always the case. Try to take pictures of the product from all angles in good lighting. If the color isn't always easy to see, point out which photo shows it best.

8. Filter out unnecessary inquiries

In each of my listings, I have a note that says, "Please, no messages with unrealistic price offers. I'm not interested in trades." It might be a little passive-aggressive, but it saves time and nerves.

Let me know if these tips come in handy for you. Happy selling!

Until next time,

Nazanine, your favorite Professional Organizer in Hamburg

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