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Get in touch on this page to arrange your complimentary no pressure consultation, so we can talk about your goals for your house (and what’s driving you nuts about it), and how I can help!

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You can also email me at or call/text/whatsapp me at 0156 7824 8385

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Women in white t-shirt and brown hair smiling

Hi, I am Nazanine. 

I am a French-Iranian woman living in Hamburg, Germany since 2006.

As a professional organizer and a certified Consultant in Marie Kondo's KonMari® method, I’m passionate about helping you change your life ​by showing you how to declutter and organize your home.

I want you to reclaim your home, and take back your sanity to live a fantastic, stressless life, where you feel in control and full of energy for what really matters to you.

Basically, I want you to kick life's butt!

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