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Are you an expat looking to completely transform your home and your life?

You're exhausted by the clutter in your home. You feel frazzled all the time.
You want a life where you feel cool, calm and collected to run your life without stress and feeling overwhelmed.

You wish you could get rid of all the baggage you have accumulated over the course of your life in your home, and in your head.

Working with me, we will mainly focus on your environment and I will help you get freedom from the physical and emotional clutter in your life.

When we are done, you will feel free, and have more time, more space and more energy for the things that really matter to you. 

Hi there,

My name is Nazanine, and I am a French-Iranian woman living in Hamburg, Germany since 2006.


​​As a certified KonMari Consultant, I’m passionate about helping you find clarity in your life ​and live with more joy and less overwhelm.

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Working together!

Wishing to complete home detox? Then let me help you with that.

We will simplify your life, and free up all these beautiful brain cells of yours!

What my customers say about working with me

Franziska H.

My workplace was terribly cluttered with everything. My bookshelves were overflowing, however not with books, but with odds and ends. My Malm was just full of things without any reason. Now I can concentrate on my work when I sit at my desk again, I don't have to look for anything anymore, I know where things are. There's room on my bookshelf again. Nazanine kicked me in the butt to finally not only to move things from A to B, but to really get rid of things and efficiently reorganize everything.

Sophie M.

Nazanine gave me great support through the KonMari process. She accompanied me on every step of the journey. Everything went at my pace and was always tailored for me. I'm super happy with the new tidiness. From the wardrobe to the kitchen cupboard, from the bathroom to the bookshelf and even in other areas of my life, I have found much more structure and clarity. And a system that I can maintain well. Very sustainable and practical. A clear recommendation for everyone who sometimes suffocates in the chaos of life!

Susanne B.

I'm not particularly persistent and patient, and it's difficult for me to finish things, especially when sorting and arranging things. Nazanine was so calm during the process. She has always motivated me and encouraged me to keep going, which paid off so much in the end.

Nazanine is a very emphatic and kind person. We really had a great time.

Thank you very much for your help. You're simply the best 😊🙏❤️

Rock Your Life with the KonMari® Method

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Go from being exhausted and frazzled to feeling free, light, and more energetic than ever. 

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