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Hey there! It's Nazanine.

Welcome into my multicultural world!

I was born in Iran, grew up in France and have been living in Hamburg since 2006. So, an expat to sum up!


As a professional organizer and KonMari® Consultant, I am passionate about helping working moms transform their life by getting freedom from the physical and emotional clutter around them.

I want them to take back their sanity, get away from the stress their home has become, and have a joyful life, where they feel in control and full of energy for what really matters to them.

Basically, I want them to kick life's butt!


And I mean that. Let me tell you a story about me.

I am one of those super organized people. You know, the annoying ones, that you think have everything under control because even the handbag is organized? Yep, that's my superpower.


But guess what? Life is messy and being organized is and has never been the key.

So, in 2016, my life felt like a hot mess to me: I was separated from my husband for a year, hated my job, and was completely overwhelmed with life in general. (Even if I was in love with someone, with whom I am still very much in love. ☺️)

I needed a new starting point, an earthquake to shake everything up and get creative about the life I wanted for myself. And you know what that starting point was?

My Tidying Festival, aka applying Marie Kondo’s method, the KonMari® method, to my home, going through every single item I possess.

Tons of blood, sweat, and tears after, my home was my new sanctuary again. LIFE. CHANGING.

Not only did I declutter my home physically, but I also got rid of the clutter in my head.

It was so liberating, the sense of lightness and the energy I felt was incredible. I had regain my space and my home was my personal peace of heaven again. I felt calm and collected again. And I gain SUCH clarity about SO many aspects of my life, what I wanted for and in life and how to reach it.

It definitely took time to reach all those goals, but that clarity was key. No matter what life threw at me (you know, little things like discovering motherhood…), I always got back on track at some point.


And THAT, that’s why I do what I do now! Because I know how unique the KonMari® method is and how unbelievable and unlimited the changes are, when you apply it into your life.

Schedule a call with me, and let’s talk about what you really wish for yourself and your life.


Big hugs,


Here are some fun facts about me:

  1. I love food. Our family motto is: “We may be not great thinkers, or world leaders, we don't read a lot, or run very fast... but damn it, we can eat!” (Who has the reference?)

  2. I speak 4 languages: Farsi, French, English and German. However, I can only speak Farsi, cannot write and read it.

  3. I cannot pronounce “Squirrel” or write “Wednesday” without googling it.

  4. I have been trying to use German grammar correctly for 16 years. I have not yet been successful. 

  5. I cannot pronounce or write “Schleswig-Holstein” and “Mecklenburg-Vorpommern”. Have been trying, very hard, for a very long time...

  6. I'm addicted to notebooks and have a shelf full of them, all unused. Last time I counted, there were 52. #andcounting

  7. There always is a bag in my home, with things for either my mum or my sister the next time I travel to France.

  8. I know Friends and The Big Bang Theory almost by heart.

  9. I have 3 tattoos and if I would listen to myself, it would be 300.

  10. I became a mother at the age of 41 thanks to artificial insemination, after about 1.5 years of treatment. Why am I telling this? Because the topic of artificial insemination is still often very taboo, and it shouldn't.

My values (in an unprioritized order):


I want to help you free yourself from all the baggage you have accumulated until now, and be able to realize your wildest dream.

​Authenticity and trust

I can only help you if you feel comfortable and really and honestly trust me. This is the only way we can achieve the goal of designing YOUR home in such a way that it literally becomes your power house! (I know it sounds like you are becoming Iron Man, but I am sure you know what I mean!)


I don't judge, nothing, ever! The respect I have for my customers and their homes is a core value of mine. Everything you tell me and/or what I may see remains strictly confidential. 


I'm a KonMari® Consultant and if there's one thing we value, it's joy in life. Everything should spark joy, including working with. So, be aware, we will have fun!


I am a passionate feminist and I take a clear stand against misogyny. I am an absolute warrior for equality for all genders.

You want to declutter your home, but feel overwhelmed before even starting?

​Download your copy of my wonderful tidying checklist today!

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This checklist will help you:​

  1. Deal with the beforehand emotional overwhelm, so you can start your decluttering.

  2. Always know what's the next step.

  3. Stay on track with a printable checklist of all the categories and sub-categories.

  4. Get clarity on your decluttering goal with a bonus worksheet. This is the key to staying committed!

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