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  • Nazanine Eslamdoust

The secret to managing the mess in your home and getting your sanity back

Ask yourself: What would Marie Kondo do?

Well, she just answered that question herself.

You can read it everywhere right now:

Marie Kondo Has 'Kind of Given Up' on Tidying Up: My Home Is Messy


What do I mean by that?

I mean that you are aiming for a home that works for YOU and the life YOU wish to have.

The KonMari® method is about a mindset change on the long term.

It's about learning to take the right decisions at any time, just like Marie is doing right now.

What she said is 100% in line with the method.

It is NOT about having a perfectly tidied home every second of every minute of every hour of every day.

It is NOT about perfectly sorting your clothes by colors.

It is NOT about file folding your clothes or everything else that can be folded.

It is NOT about perfection.


▶️ Declutter and take your time doing so. It IS a marathon, not a sprint.

▶️ You need to take a break. Take it, even if it's for a week or a month.

▶️ Tidy your home, but "give up" if you wish to shift your time and energy to something else.

▶️ Don't do the laundry today, if you'd rather have a fun parental date with your kid.

Do the heck you want! What sparks joy for YOU!

Who cares what others think?

It's all about being intentional with your decisions.

When you do these things, you WILL feel such clarity and get back control of your home.

But you have to commit long term.

Oh and repeat after me: IT IS NOT ABOUT PERFECTION!

You got this. 💪🤩

Until next time,


PS: Need some help to get you started? My Starter 1:1 is for you. 3 hours alone with me 1:1 and I will get you there! Just contact me, let's chat!

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