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  • Nazanine Eslamdoust

The benefits of hiring a professional organizer when moving

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

Moving to a new home can be very exciting. However, let's be honest: the process of getting there can be a bit overwhelming. Boxes piled high, endless decisions to make, and the constant search for things can leave you feeling stressed and exhausted.

Packing. Organizing. Coordinating. Unpacking. Hello being overwhelmed!

Moving requires a lot of energy AND time, that we might not really have, given our crazy lives. Not only we have work, kids and all that, but now you have a whole new project that needs to be managed.

And that's where a professional organizer comes in. Hiring a professional organizer when moving can truly be a game-changer. Let me tell you why.

Expertise and experience in decluttering and organizing

A professional organizer is basically an expert in decluttering, organizing, and maximizing space, so they know how to efficiently sort your belongings, eliminating unnecessary items and categorizing the essentials.

So, here are some of the tasks they can help you with:

Prior to your move, they will help you go through all your belongings and decide which items to keep and which to let go. They know what to actually do with the items you want to donate, sell or toss, knowing where to go and whom to call.

When packing, they will categorize all items based on where they will go in your home and not where they are right now. This will make unpacking way easier.

They can be the person that coordinates with all parties involved before and on move-day.

They can help tackle the daunting unpacking process by creating a well-organized system tailored to your needs but also to the needs of your family. They will transform your new house into your new home.

Saving time and reducing the stress around moving

Moving involves tons of tasks, from choosing the date for your move, packing and labeling boxes to coordinating logistics and actually moving in.

By hiring a professional organizer, you free yourself from the burden of packing, then unpacking and organizing.

They'll handle the logistic and all detailed aspects of your move, such as ordering everything for packing (like boxes, packaging materials, etc.), labeling the boxes systematically, ensuring everything is properly protected, and everything else.

This will not only save you time, but also free up so many brain cells for you.

And this, this will give you the much-needed extra mental space to focus on all other important aspects of your move, like organizing a new KITA or school for your kids or getting all the admin tasks done.

Stress-free unpacking and a personalized organizing solution

Each person and family is unique and different. Given their experience, a professional organizer understands that and knows that one size does NOT fit all when it comes to moving.

They will take into consideration your specific needs, lifestyle, and preferences, closely work with you and strategically unpack and arrange your belongings. Designing customized storage systems, their attention to detail will create a space that reflects your personality and functions seamlessly for you and your family.

Moving doesn't have to be an overwhelming experience. Hiring a professional organizer can turn the chaos of moving into a well-organized and as stress-free as possible process.

Their expertise, combined with their personalized approach, will transform the process into a smooth and enjoyable experience.

By investing in a professional organizer, you can truly enjoy this new chapter of your life. Take a deep breath, relax, and let the magic of a professional organizer turn your moving day into a calm and harmonious adventure.

Sounds like what you would like to achieve? Would you like my help with that?

Just drop me a message, and I'll be in touch to talk about your moving project!

You want to declutter your home, but feel overwhelmed before even starting?

​Download your copy of my decluttering checklist today!

It's a (printable) checklist of all the categories and sub-categories. It will keep you on track and help you deal with the emotional overwhelm you feel when you are decluttering.

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