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  • Nazanine Eslamdoust

The truth about getting organized: Why it doesn't guarantee less overwhelm

Updated: Mar 2

In today's crazy world, it's no wonder that many people, especially working moms, are looking for ways to reduce overwhelm and regain control over their lives.

One of the paces many people start with is organizing their home. The problem is, getting organized doesn't automatically mean less overwhelm.

Getting organized does NOT mean less overwhelm !!

I cannot count the number of times when I hear people say: “If my home was more organized, my life would be so different”

No, it would not! Not if you ONLY concentrate on getting everything perfectly organized!

Because organized stuff is still stuff!

I am a very organized person, always was, even as a kid. Ask my sister, we were sharing a room. But there still was a point in life when being organized wasn't enough because I was KEEPING EVERYTHING. So at some point, surprise surprise, I was drowning under clutter.

I used the KonMari® method, and it changed my life, really.

Allow me to elaborate, on how you can approach home organizing in a way that will truly change your life.

Organized home or the illusion of perfection

When we think of organizing, we often think about the perfectly curated pictures on social media. So automatically, we try to reach that perfection, and that can actually add to the overwhelm.

Spoiler alert: Those pictures are as real as the people you see in fashion magazines, aka there are not! No one has a perfect home 24/7, not without extra help.

Each person and family are unique with very different needs. organizing you home should not be about how it look but about creating functional spaces that support your lifestyle, rather than aiming for picture-perfect perfection.

Sustainable systems you can maintain

Simply rearranging things or buying organizing products without understanding what caused the chaos in the first place will only solve the problem for a day or two.

Focus on finding long-term habits and systems that suit your daily routines and habits, as well as those of your family.

For example, yes, decanting* is oddly satisfying for the eyes, but do you feel like doing that every time you go grocery shopping? Do you have the space to store the back-up stock or the original packaging, which will not be completely empty after you fill your pretty container.

Finding balance

Life is messy and it's ok. So just accept that you won't be able to maintain your home organized perfectly and pinterst-able all the time. There will be moments when things might get too chaotic. That's ok. You need to find the balance and be able to get back on the horse at some point. Establish routines and implement small habits that gradually will help you find that balance. Always remember to compare where you are with where you were a week, a month, or a year ago. (NOT with others and even less with unrealistic Instagram/Pinterest accounts)

Decluttering is key

Physical clutter comes with such an emotional weight.

You first need to get rid of all the baggage you have accumulated over the course of your life, in your home AND in your head. Many items in our homes carry sentimental value or memories, making it challenging to let them go.

Decluttering can be a complex process. Take your time and make decisions that feel right FOR YOU. Remember, decluttering is not a one-time event, but an ongoing practice.

Getting organized can really change your life, but only with realistic expectations.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to home organizing. It's a personal process, to create sustainable organizing systems. It is NOT about perfection: Perfection just doesn't exist.

And if you're in Hamburg and looking for professional organizing services, get in touch with me to arrange a complimentary consultation call.

Until next time,

Nazanine, your professional home organizer in and around Hamburg.

*In the organizing world, decanting means emptying contents from their original packaging into containers to provide a more uniform look all together.


You want to declutter your home, but feel overwhelmed before even starting?

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