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  • Nazanine Eslamdoust

Getting organized 👏🏻 does NOT 👏🏻 mean 👏🏻 less overwhelm !!

Updated: Aug 15, 2022

I cannot count the number of time when I hear people say: “If I was more organized, my life would be so different”

No, it would not! NOT only with getting organized!

I am a very organized person, always was, even as a kid. Ask my sister, we were sharing a room.

But there still was a point in life when being organized wasn't enough. I needed to get my life sorted out!

I used the KonMari® method and I went from being frazzled, to feel cool, calm and collected to run my life.

Yes, you want to have everything organized and have a dedicated place. We don’t want everything ending up cluttering your home!

BUT organized stuff still is stuff! 💣

You first need to get rid of all the baggage you have accumulated over the course of your life, in your head AND in your home, to be able to feel light and collected.

If you want to transform your life, then begin with transforming your environment! 🙌

If you wish to get on with it and need a starting point, get a copy of my awesome Rock Your Life with the KonMari® Method guide!

Go from being exhausted just by looking around you to feeling free, light, and more energetic than ever!

Until next time,


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