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  • Nazanine Eslamdoust

What have Sangria and shoe boxes in common?

A few years ago, as I was switching jobs, before my son was born, my partner and I decided to go on holiday on the spur of a moment.

We just wanted to go somewhere on the Mediterranean Sea’s coast without spending a fortune. We did a little research and found a nice Airbnb and a cheap flight to Alicante, in the southeast of the Iberian Peninsula in Spain.

The key word here is “little”.

When we arrived and after our first walk through the city, we were a bit disappointed.

Alicante is pleasant, but, you know, we didn't fall in love.

Even worse, I couldn’t find any restaurant with good ratings and that, my friend, it’s a disaster for a French woman on holiday. (I know I should have looked before booking. Hashtag Little research...)

But you know what?

I still put this trip and our holiday in Alicante on my Best-Holiday-Ever-Top-5-List.


One word: Sangria!

But not any sangria.

Let me explain

Every time we went to the beach, without exception, there was that woman going around and selling gigantic glasses of absolutely stunning sangria.

We didn't have to move from our sun loungers, not a bit!

Now that I think of it, maybe we shouldn’t have drunk them. We had no idea which bar she belonged to…😅


Relaxing at the beach drinking sangrias seven days straight might sound simple and not super exciting, but we had an absolute blast.

Sometime the nicest things in life are the simplest, none fancy ones.

And I try to keep that in mind when I need to organize something in my home.

Have you ever spend hours trying to find the perfect organizing products for a closet or a drawer?

I don’t (any more).

Because I always try to use what I have in my home first.

And the first thing I look into are my empty shoe boxes.

Shoe boxes are in my professional opinion the yummy sangrias of organizing.

They fit perfectly in almost any closet or drawers.

You don't lose any space, thanks to the square corners. (oh those square corners 😍)

And they don’t cost a thing.

So, no, you don’t have to spend your time and money on fancy boxes and baskets, to get your closets and drawers organized.

That’s actually the biggest myth around home organizing.

Just use your empty shoe boxes.

Until next time,


PS: But please, oh, please do not begin to organize before you are done with the discarding. And if you're not sure what I am talking about, download your Rock Your life Guide here.

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