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  • Nazanine Eslamdoust

Use your favorite things

Tell me, are you guilty of this?

Any favorite thing you haven’t been using for ages just because you are scared to ruin it?

I see that in every session with every client. Almost no exception!

I did that too in the past. I was only until I had to say goodbye to my favorite bag, which got ruined whilst in the closet, where it was supposed to be “safe”.


Begin to use your favorite thing ✨

Put on your favorite dress.

Wear your favorite sneakers.

Take your favorite bag out.

Sleep in your favorite bedding

Use your fancy dishes

See how you feel when you do. Was your day a bit or even a lot nicer?

That’s what I am talking about!

If you have something in your home you love but never use for whatever reason, begin to do so and add a little ray of sunshine into each of your days.

Begin to

✅ enjoy every day as much as possible

✅ surround yourself with all the things you love (and let go of the rest 😉)!

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