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  • Nazanine Eslamdoust

3 is a magic number

Updated: Jun 9

A simple and very efficient tip to help you when decluttering.

You know that exhaustion you feel when you get home?

Well, that’s the physical clutter!

It’s in your face: You get home, you see it right away, and you feel a wave of stress going through your body.

That is NOT a nice feeling – I know it, I had it.

And what you need to do here is to reduce the clutter.

I know what you’re thinking: “No, shit Sherlock!”

You know that clutter is the problem and that you need to reduce it. And you HAVE tried in the past.

But every time you try to declutter, you always get stuck at some point.

Because there is always that moment when you hit that category of things, and have absolutely no idea what to do with them – What to keep and what to let go of?

First, go with a joy check.

Does it spark joy? Is it something you love looking at, touching, etc?

Yes? Then you keep it.

No? You let it go.

However, this does not “work” all the time.

I know, from my experience as a professional organizer, that sometimes we all need a more practical way of looking at things, a rule to rely on, a rule that helps with the decision-making.

My solution is a decluttering rule of thumb I invented.

I call it the Nazanine 3-items rule. It's a life hack about the number item to keep (a rule beside the joy checking. OBVIOUSLY. 😇)

So, here we go.

The rule is that most of the time, you only need 3 items:

  • one in use

  • one that needs to be cleaned or washed, etc

  • and a you-never-know one.

Perfect example of this: Towels – If you're stuck, and not passionate about towels and having all kinds of them, then see if you can reduce the number to 3 and keep your 3 favorite ones.

So, if you sometime feel unsure about what is the right amount of item to keep, try the Nazanine 3-items rule.

Until next time,


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