• Nazanine Eslamdoust

Let's tidy up your browser (I am not kidding)

Updated: Sep 29

This one will be quick: I have an everyday life hack for you.

I am always surprised how few people know about it.

I have been thought about it only a few years ago myself by my boyfriend.

My mind was blown away because it is SO awesome however SO simple.

You see, most of the time, your browser is like your digital home, almost everything you do on your computer will happen within it.

So just like your home, if it’s cluttered, it’s going to stress you out, instead of serving you.

How to declutter?

Did you know that you can use emojis for naming your bookmarks?

Did you know that you don’t have to name your bookmarks at all?

Let me show you mine

 Picture of bookmarks in a browser

See, for example, near the Facebook Logo it doesn't say "Facebook".

How do you do that?

Just edit the bookmark, delete whatever name it has ("Facebook" in my example above) and just leave it empty, then save. Tadaaa!

So, if you wish to tidy your browser up, try this trick. Off you go!

Until next time,


PS: The trick does not work for Safari because, you know, Apple is always different...🙄

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